The Goose

Slovenský Grob


The village Slovenský Grob is located at the foot of the Little Carpathians, near Bratislava, the capital city. The village is known far and wide, even beyond the borders of our country. Pronounce this name and straight-away you are provided with the crispy roast goose, potato pancakes and a delicious glass of wine. People met each other here for centuries to savor this gourmet delicacy.

The village is two kilometres from the town Pezinok located on the plain next to the Little Carpathians. Slovenský Grob is famous for breeding and selling geese and ducks. The goose feasts are especially arranged at several well-known local restaurant facilities. Gourment experts and wine conossiours roast their goose here every year. The goose is served with pancakes and young wine from the Small Carpathian region. (from page

Crispy goose from the stove

You are welcomed to come and taste the the crispy roast goose, which we bake for you in a traditional wood-burning stove. The delicious taste is unforgetable. The size of our stoves allows us to bake a larger amount at the same time that is appropriate for the family, or corporate event.

Food delivery

Do you want to make a goose feast at home or at your company? Call, make an order and we will prepare and deliver everything for you. Food delivery in Bratislava and its surroundings on orders over € 150 is FREE.


Operational capacity

Capacity of our restaurant is 60+25+12 seats (a lounge). Parking in the yard available!