What goose and duck is served here?

pečené husi a kačice,pečená hus,pečená kačica

Husacina u Jakuba selects only the best geese and ducks from local farms, raised by farmers who truly care for their animals. You can sense it especially in the taste of the meat. Our main supplier’s farm encompasses around two-fifths of a hectare and is the source of Landes geese and domestic ducks.

Landauská hus

Landes geese were introduced to Slovakia in 1967 and have since been bred mainly in the south. When fed properly, the fatty liver is the greatest culinary advantage they provide. Geese lay about 25 eggs in the first year, the number increasing in the following year to 30-35. The gaggle has to be assembled in autumn, or else the geese will not accept the gander assigned to lead it. Landes geese do not hatch naturally because years of selective breeding have suppressed the instinct for them to sit on their eggs. Therefore, they have to be incubated in an electric hatchery. Breeders also have to teach the goslings to accept food in the first few days after they hatch. When rearing goslings and raising adult geese, grazing is the most natural and economic way of feeding them.

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Because domestic ducks have been bred from wild mallards, they need larger bodies of water and happen to be very vocal. Ducks are among the fastest growing poultry, with the ducklings already resembling adults by two months of age thanks to a voracious appetite. It is quite true when the feed they eat contains the optimum amount of nutrients. They are reared on finely chopped nettles, dandelions, alfalfa, young grass and other green forage mixed with cereal meal and grains. When there is proper husbandry and if they are especially given the correct-type feed with no antibiotics and other enhancing drugs, the meat will be tasty.

Come enjoy a traditional goose or duck feast at our restaurant, located directly in Slovenský Grob.

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